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Please list colleges attended



Check the appropriate box:

If any answer is affirmative, please give complete details below.  An explanation will also be needed frrom the doctor, principal, court or parole office.

In order to be admitted to FBCI, a recommendation must be sent from one or more of the following and must include a recommendation from your Pastor.

Pastor, School Counselor, Teacher, Principal, Employer or Landlord (students that live on their own)

I hereby make application to Fellowship Baptist College of Indiana and understand that I will need to pay a $40.00 application fee with the understanding that the fee will be retained to cover the cost of processing my application.  I understand that during the processing of my application I will be asked to pay the matriculation fee of $50.00, which is refundable, only if Fellowship Baptist College refuses to admit me as a student.

I hereby certify that this application is true and complete.  Upon matriculation I agree to comply properly with the doctrines, rules and regulatios of the institution and to maintain standards of conduct in accordance with the aims and objectives of Fellowship Baptist College of Indiana.  I give the college my approval to gather information from all educational institutions, which I have attended, together with other records and references that it deems necessary for the processing of my application, and in some cases, to run a credit check on my past financial decisions.  If I leave before the end of the semester for any reason, I will owe any fees accrued during my stay.

The parent or legal guardian of the student making application must also agree below, if the applicant is under TWENTY-ONE years of age.  As parent 9or legal guardian) of the above application, I agree to cooperate with Fellowship Baptist College of Indiana in the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the institution and to meet the terms of agreement involving expenses, as outlined in the FBCI handbook.

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